DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

AIM Courses 2015-2016


As courses are identified for the 2015-2016 AIM process, they will be added here.


Oral Communication 


Fundamentals of Speech Communication- SPCH 1010

Ultrasound Administration- US 210



Quantitative Literacy


Human Anatomy and Physiology I- BIOL 2010

Principles of Economics (Macro)-ECON 2010

Introductory Statistics - MATH 1530



Global and Cultural Awareness - Courses for the Pilot


 Art Appreciation-ART 1030

Composition I-ENGL 1010

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology SOCI 216

Elementary Spanish I - SPAN 1010

Fundamentals of Speech Communication -SPCH 1010



Information Literacy - Courses for the Pilot


Microbiology- BIOL 2230

Educational Psychology- EDPY 207

Western World Literature I- ENGL 2410

Introduction to American Government- POLS 1030


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.