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Planning Resources


The following resources are available to programs as they complete their annual program assessment plans:




Measurable Student Learning Outcome Statements


Program-level student learning outcome statements are statements about what students should know or be able to do when they complete a program of study.


The most straight forward way to write them is to use a "Students will..." statement. For example, "Students who complete a business major will communicate effectively to professional and lay audiences, using the common business formats." This clearly written outcome is easily quantified by selecting assessments which directly measure the students' ability to communicate using the proper format.


Bloom's Taxonomy may help you think about how to word your SLO statements.


Direct and Indirect Measurements


This document helps you understand what we mean by direct and indirect measurement. 


Direct and Indirect Measures


Examples from other schools


Fayetteville Technical Community College organizes their information differently, but you can find some great examples of measurable outcome statements, and target statements.


Salt Lake City Community College is known for their excellent assessment system. This is an example assessment plan, which is similar to ours. It has great examples related to outcome statements, measurement tools, and target/benchmark statements.


This link from Salt Lake City Community College allows you to select from a wide variety of programs, and view their assessment plans.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.