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I am an Associate Professor in Humanities & Fine Arts at Chattanooga State.  I teach HUM 2130 Mythology and ENGL1010/1020 Composition I/II.  I have been a full time member of the faculty since 1992.  In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am the division webmaster.


I am a first generation college student.  The only "professional" people I knew about in my family were an uncle who was a master barber, a great-grand uncle who had been an itinerant minister, and a third cousin who was a lawyer.   Outside of my family, the only professionals I knew included medical doctors, ministers, my teachers, and middle management supervisors.


Prior to teaching, I have worked as a farm hand, a camp counselor, a truck driver, a printer, a dock worker, an order selector, a fork lift driver, and an inventory control clerk.  For most of my life, I have been a student.


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