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Canadochly Elementary School - I attended Canadochly beginning in the middle of first grade after attending Red Lion elementary for kindergarten and half of first grade. I had outstanding teachers who fostered my interest in many subjects.


Eastern York High School - While I was there, the school was a single building with two wings for Junior and Senior high.  Some of the best teachers I have ever had taught there, and I would not be where I am today if not for them.  After I graduated, a middle school was added, and the old school building has since been torn down and replaced with a new senior high school.  I graduated in 1972.


Lancaster Bible College - While a senior in high school, I took four classes at night at LBC, which was Lancaster Bible School at that time.


Tennessee Temple - I did my undergraduate work at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga.  I majored in Bible Studies.  For most of my time there, I minored in vocal music, but due to various circumstances, I changed to a psychology minor my senior year after completing nearly all of the requirements for the minor in music, graduating in 1976.


Temple Baptist Theological Seminary - After completing my B.A., I attended the seminary at Temple.  My original plan was to earn a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) three year degree and a Masters in Religious Education (MRE) two year degree, with the MRE focused on Youth Work.  However, after battling chronic illness and after realizing that my true calling was as a teacher, I dropped my efforts toward the MDiv. Since I was well on the way to completing my MRE degree, I decided to change the focus to Christian School Administration, the closest degree in the seminary to an education major, graduating in 1981.


University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - Several years after completing my education at Temple, I enrolled at UTC to pursue a master's degree in English.  Because my undergraduate degree was not in English, I was required to complete 18 hours of English at the undergraduate level.  I graduated UTC with an MA in English: Writing in 1991.


Because of my various changes in focus during my education, I have earned about 200 hours at the undergrad level and over 100 hours at the graduate level.







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.