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This is the slide show for the volunteer project and speech for my Speech Honors course. 



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                              Service Learning: 

  As a TN Promise student, I am required to do 8 hours of community service every semester to keep my scholarship. Service learning wasn't something I ever did in high school, but have experienced a lot during my time at Chattanooga State. 


 The number of places I have volunteered at within the last year are: 


1. Chattanooga State Community College- I completed my first 8 hours at a volunteer work day at ChSCC for TN Promise students where we cleaned our college campus. 


2. Grace Church of Catoosa County Dance Camp- I had been an interpretive dancer for seven years of my life prior to college. The summer before my first semester I volunteered 17 hours from July 20th-24th as an assistant teacher with the 4-6 year old class.


3. Collegedale Public Library- I completed 8 hours working at a book sale. I helped with the set up, maining the cash register, and the take down.


4. The Bethlehem Center- I completed 8 hoursan after school program assisting in a 3rd classroom.


5. Chattanooga State Library- I completed 8 hours of shelving work, sorting through newspaper, and cleaning our campus library. 


6. Chattanooga State Student Support Center- I completed 7 hours as a volunteer tutor for Composition 1 & 2, as well as Intro. to Statistics. 


7. Chattanooga State Campus Garden- I completed 1 hour of volunteer work for my Honors Speech class. My group brought compost to the garden. 


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.