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I've taken Voice lessons for four semesters with Caitlin Hammon Moore at Chattanooga State. I made the decision in the Spring of 2016 to be a Music Education major (with vocal emphasis). I graduated from her studio in December 2017. She is by far one of my favorite people and musicians!
Repertoire thus far:
Spring 2016: 
When I Have Sung My Songs - Ernest Charles
Se Tu M'ami- Giovanni Pergolesi
I Love All Graceful Things- Eric Thiman
Fall 2016: 
Bel Piacere (from Agrippina) - George Frederic Handel 
Si Mes Vers Avaient des Ailes- Reynaldo Hahn
Dein Blaues Auge- Johannes Brahms
Let My Song Fill Your Heart- Ernest Charles
Spring 2017: 
Deh Vieni, Non Tardar (from Le Nozze di Figaro) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wie Melodien Zieht es Mir - Johannes Brahms
A Chloris - Reynaldo Hahn
A Horse With Wings - Ricky Ian Gordon
Will There Really Be A Morning? - Ricky Ian Gordon
Fall 2017:
What Shall We Remember? - Ricky Ian Gordon
L'Heure Exquise - Reynaldo Hahn
A Duet for Two Cats - Giaochino Rossini
Having transferred to UTC after graduating from Chatt State with an Associate's degree, I am currently studying with Dr. St. Goar
Spring 2018:
Sure on This Shining Night - Samuel Barber
An Die Musik - Franz Schubert
Se Florindo e Fedele - A. Scarlatti


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