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Welcome to your new ePortfolio


Here you have the chance to showcase yourself in a way that will be much fuller than can be done with a standard resume.  While you should definitely personalize your ePortfolio, remember that your primary purpose is self-promotion and demonstration of your learning.  Future employers, schools, or professionals will be able to see your ePortfolio and, from what they see here, make decisions about hiring you, accepting you into an educational program, or networking with you.  Let your ePortfolio reflect who you are, but never lose sight of its purpose and value to you as a personal marketing tool.


As you work on your ePortfolio and develop materials for it, you will want to delete these instructional modules so that your ePortfolio reflects only the things that you want people to see.



Personalize Your Theme


One change that you will want to make will be to personalize your theme.  


This Page: This page will be the "home page" for your ePortfolio.  Think about what you want your viewers' first impression of you to be.  You may want to post a photo, write a brief introduction, post an audio greeting, post a short video, or present some other media.  Create a module that best does that.  When you have finished and are ready to make your ePortfolio public, you will want to delete this instruction module (what you are reading) from your ePortfolio. 


My Life Banner Image: You will also want to replace the banner image above (students walking on campus).  You can use a photo from your home life or create a montage.  For best results, your finished banner image should be 980x200 pixels. 


The following changes can be made from the Portfolio Settings tab.


Banner: Think of the banner for your ePortfolio as similar to the Cover image in Facebook.  This is the image that appears at the top of each page, currently the Chattanooga State default banner that appears on all Chattanooga State ePortfolios.  You can create your own image to replace the default image.  For best results, your image should be no more than 779 pixels wide.  Most graphic programs will let you create  an image.


Directory Icon: Think of your Directory icon as being similar to your Profile Photo in Facebook.  For best results, create an image that is square, 100x100 pixels in size. The Directory Icon is the image that you see on the menu for all ePortfolios.


Other Design Elements: Digication, the company that makes this ePortfolio, does allow users to make changes to the CSS style sheet for the ePortfolio.  However, unless you are knowledgeable and have experience using style sheets, it would be best to use the default settings.  Bad coding in the CSS style sheet could make your ePortfolio unreadable.  Again, unless you have extensive knowledge of CSS style sheet encoding, do not change these elements.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.