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ePortfolio Planning and Assessment


This site details Chattanooga State's journey to build a campus-wide ePortfolio process. Our process began with a product search in 2012 and now encompasses a fully developed student template, a tenure and promotion template for faculty, and a pilot template for staff to showcase their work as well. As of fall 2014, all 182 full-time faculty are creating ePortfolios for tenure and promotion, and over 2000 students from diverse areas of campus are developing their own personal ePortfolios. We expect to be campus-wide (about 7500 students) by fall 2106.


I hope you enjoy learning about our ePortfolio journey. Feel free to share and reach out with questions and/or suggestions.



Dr. Amanda Hyberger

QEP/EPortfolio Director and Professor of Music



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.