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ChSCC Rubric: Work Ethic


This rubric is designed for campus-wide use, including, but not limited to coursework, internship duties, work-study assignments, scholarship work, and extra-curricular activities. Through use of this rubric, the campus hopes to improve student learning by encouraging the consistent use of work-ethic terminology and formalized structure for a variety of assignments, interactions, and reflections throughout a student’s educational journey.

For students, this rubric will provide an opportunity to be evaluated by a variety of mentors with common goals in diverse educational situations. Detailed external input will allow the students greater realization of societal expectations and create opportunities for constructive self-reflection. For faculty and staff, this rubric will encourage the development of intentional, targeted assignments and activities to improve the work-ethic education and mentoring of our student population.



Work Ethic is a moral set of values internalized and exhibited by a person or group. It is normally defined by a list of positive behaviors like diligence, honesty, efficiency, initiative, and cooperativeness. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, ChCSS has chosen four attributes: Teamwork, Integrity, Productivity, and Professionalism to define Work Ethic for our campus.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.